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Results we've achieved

Real businesses.  Real results. 

Case Study 1: Generated €106,300 with a combined ad spend of €2,630.

In 1 month, we generated around €66,000 with an ad spend of €1,030 through Facebook ads and €40,300 with an ad spend of €1,600 using Google ads.

That’s a combined €106,300 in sales that was generated through PPC ads alone and a combined ROI of 3,900%!

From those ads, also came a bunch of new enquiries via the contact form, which the academy will follow up, and a lifetime value of 35+ new students!

Case Study 2: Grew a fitness blog from 200 to over 16k qualified users/month. That's a 7900%+ increase!

Industry / Niche: Fitness Academy
Requirements: “Get us more organic leads and increase enrolments” 
What we did: SEO & PPC (Facebook & Google Ads)
The results: Started with 200 users/month and managed to increase to 16.000+ users/month while converting 37% to leads & customers. Increased the number of Organic Keywords from 40 to 2K+.

Case Study 3: Increased a Fitness Studio's revenue by 56% from €14K/m to €22k/m in just 8 weeks!

Industry / Niche: Specialised Fitness Studio 
Requirements: “Get us more qualified leads and customers” 
What we did: Website, SEO, Email Marketing & PPC 
Results: Started with a revenue of €14k/month and managed to increase online sales subscriptions of up to €22k/month in just 8 weeks. 

Overall Results:

Revenue: +55%
Transactions: +67%
Conversion Rate: +52% 

PPC Results (Paid Traffic):

Revenue: €6k+
Ad spend: €660
ROI: 828.79% in 1 month!

SEO Results (Organic Traffic):

Revenue: +16%
Traffic from Google: +23%
Conversion Rate: +14%

Email Marketing:

Revenue: €1.500 in 2 weeks!
Total Email Sequences: 3

There are many digital marketers but very few true specialists...

Our only focus is helping fitness academies, gyms, fitness & health studios reach their revenue goals. 

Every fitness and health business deserves performance-driven marketing.

But there's a problem...

  • You’ve been burnt by marketers with false promises 
  • You’re leaving growth up to chance
  • The fear of losing or wasting money
  • Efforts so far isn’t bringing you the results you’d hoped for 
  • Your current marketing strategy isn’t working 
  • There’s  information overload and you’re overwhelmed

As a results - driven agency, we specialise in...

Building your #1 Marketing Asset - Your Website

We build high-performance websites specifically designed for fitness and health businesses, with a focus on turning browsers into buyers.

Traffic & Lead Generation

We analyse your business and define your ideal customers then send a steady stream of those highly-qualified leads to your website.


98% of your website visitors don’t take action, let alone fill out a form, make a phone call, or enrol in a course. That’s why we’ve developed a sophisticated re-marketing strategy to keep your business top-of-mind.


An effective and optimised sales funnel is critical to your fitness business’s profitability. We analyse the customer journey and implement a proven system that allows us to scale and grow your business.


The average retention rate in the fitness industry hovers at 70%. It typically costs 3X more to obtain new customers so looking after your current clients is absolutely crucial to a healthy bottom line. We have designed cross-selling, value-adding strategies to encourage your clients to become loyal fans.

We respect your hard earned money


No fixed contracts. No fixed long-term contracts We consider all of our clients as partners. That’s why our partnership with you is based on trust and flexibility. We work on a month-to-month basis, because we know the importance of staying agile. And we do this, because we are confident in providing you value from day one.


As your dedicated performance orientated digital marketing specialist, we standby 100% transparency in all aspects of our partnership. We will guide you through our journey together as a team and provide you and your business, support as well as access to progress reports so you know exactly what your investment is doing.


We are committed to providing value and growth for your business. Which is why we schedule weekly calls and provide an open line of communication in order to discuss ongoing strategies and objectives and to continuously improve performance as we progress.


We build digital assets with a specialisation in digitalising fitness and health businesses but you know your business better than anyone. Through our extensive experience working with gyms, studios, academies and schools from around the world, there is one common factor that we have learned - by openly and honestly collaborating in strategic discussions, the better the results will be.

We know you see the potential, now let’s help you get there

Clients Served
Ranked Keywords
Great Projects
Leads Generated

Why us? 

We help businesses like yours that are:

  • Struggling to hit enrolment or client (membership) acquisition goals 
  • Paying too much to acquire clients/students/members 
  • Not using proven systems that are tailored to your niche
  • Having trouble differentiating yourself from your competitors 
  • Using a generalist marketer instead of a specialist 

Because you see, 

We only specialise in helping health and fitness businesses grow. 

Having laser-beam focus on one industry has enabled us to understand the total landscape of health and fitness businesses and by grasping this knowledge, we have built proven strategies and unique and innovative methods that are very specific to this industry… that actually work. 

Our aim for every partnership we endeavour is to make sure you’re set up with a solid system that delivers a reliable, consistent flow of leads and sales so you can spend less time working in your business and more time focusing on the business.

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