Your FREE 30-minute Strategy Session

Here’s a basic outline of what we’ll cover on the call…

Business Analysis & Goal Setting

We will have an open and honest discussion about the current state of your business and what digital marketing efforts are being implemented to date.  We will then move onto identifying your goals and what you’d like to achieve over the next 1-6 months so we have a clear idea of what actions to take in order to get you there! 

Your Roadmap to Growth

With the information you provide us, we’ll come up with a strategic plan of action that is specific to your fitness business and help you reach those goals whether it is increasing your traffic, getting qualified leads and/or increasing your sales.

Direct Competitor Analysis 

Tell us who your biggest competitor is and we can take a peek at what they are doing with the help of our advanced marketing tools.  In a matter of seconds, we will uncover their ‘money-making’ sources, highest performing keyword rankings on Google and even ads they’re running. 

Your Revenue Blueprint  

From all this information, we can build a sales blueprint that differentiates your business from other and helps you stand out.  By having a unique point of difference, we will be able to create a system that begins with dramatically increasing your traffic with highly qualified leads and turning them into happy paying customers. 

Let us help you grow your business and reach your goals!