We know how to grow your business online

because we ONLY focus in helping fitness academies, gyms, fitness & health studios reach their revenue goals!

Hey there!

We’re the duo that started Get Fit Leads and we’re super stoked to see you here!  

"Every fitness and health business deserves performance-driven marketing."

Over the last 7 years, we’ve been helping businesses grow online.  

In fact, we’ve been helping all types of businesses from a broad spectrum of industries, grow online. 

During this time, we’ve created some awesome growth strategies and some pretty crazy results for real estate professionals, countless e-commerce brands as well as luxury villas and even hotels! 

But what we really fell in love with was with the fitness and health industry. 

Helping gyms, fitness studios and academies is what kept us up at night and pushed us to achieve AMAZING results for our favourite clients. 

In fact, we’ve helped gyms and academies increase their website traffic (highly qualified website traffic btw) of up to a whopping 3000% and increase conversions (enrolments/memberships) of more than 12x and beyond. 

We’ve also managed to double, sometimes triple sales within weeks of working together and have even helped find new income streams that took these businesses to the another level!  

We saw the potential that this industry had to offer (digitally speaking) and we noticed the sheer determination and discipline that business owners possessed from this industry…

because let’s be real here, in order for us to help you, you need to be able to help yourself!

That’s why it was a no brainer for us to laser-focus our energy and create digital products and services that ONLY focus on helping fitness and health businesses grow and scale online. 

Apart from our passion for music, dogs and all things digital, we’re both fitness junkies and thrive on making BIG WINS for our clients.  

And for every gym, studio and academy we revolutionise and help to explode enrolments, memberships and sales, will be invited to an all-paid expenses members-only retreat to the Greek Islands!!!…

Where you’ll get to meet other fitness and health business owners from all over the world to share new ideas, collaborate and even make life long connections (and friends)

And of course, we’ll be there to share the experience with you! 

Let us show you what we’re capable of… 

So what are you waiting for… 😉 

Are you ready to grow your fitness and health business?

Claim your 30-minute strategy call with us for FREE.  First we’ll review your business, analyse your target market, your current sales processes and your goals with you.  Based on what you tell us, we will help you find a digital marketing strategy specifically for you and your business…free of charge. 

“Let’s discuss a clear path to real results.”